The following are frequently asked questions about Hillbrook Collections and our products. If you have an unanswered question, please submit an inquiry here.

Garden Houses

Do you offer discounts to the trade?
We do not offer discounts to the trade at this time.

Where do you ship your garden houses?
We are able to ship our garden houses anywhere within the continental United States.

What is the cost of shipping a garden house?
The cost of shipping depends on your location and how many garden houses we are able to ship with your order. Shipping is not included in the cost of the garden house. For a relative shipping estimate, please submit an inquiry here.

Can I customize the size of my garden house?
Yes, we offer a variety of sizes from 6’ x 6’ to 12’ x 24’. While we do recommend certain proportions that are most aesthetically pleasing for some designs, you can customize the size of any of our standard designs or create something totally custom.

Can I customize the design of the garden house?
Yes. Each garden house is made-to-order, so you will consult with our designer to create a design that best fits your needs, whether that be based on one of our standard designs or something totally custom.

Can you paint the garden house?
Yes, we can paint both the interior and exterior of the garden house, depending on your preferences. We often use Benjamin Moore paints, but can use any paint upon request to best match your home and/or aesthetic preferences.

Can you add electricity, heating/AC, and plumbing?
We can wire your garden house for electricity. For heating/AC, most clients have their garden house finished and insulated, then add a mini split upon delivery. We do install plumbing fixtures, but we can prepare the garden house without a floor or with a subfloor in a certain area so that you can add plumbing upon delivery.

What if my preferred site is difficult to access?
We require an additional 2’ of access to get your garden house to your desired site (ex. 11’ of access for a 9’x14’ garden house). If this is not possible, we have also had our garden houses craned to their sites for an additional cost.


What do I need to do to prepare for the arrival of my garden house?
Please make sure there is clear access to your site and that you have a well constructed and level pad ready for your garden house’s arrival. For your pad, we recommend an extra ½” on each side for a cement/concrete pad and an extra 2” on each side for a gravel pad (ex. a 9’1" x 14’1” cement/concrete pad or a 9’4” x 14’4” gravel pad for a 9’ x 14’ garden house). Hillbrook Collections is not liable for damages to your garden house incurred by resting on an unlevel pad.

Do I need a permit for a garden house?
While most of our garden houses do not require a permit, some do. Check with your local county/city for their permit requirements. This information can usually be found online. Please note that our garden houses are considered “moveable structures” when doing your research. 

Do you sell kits or plans for your garden houses?
No, we do not sell kits or plans. All of our garden houses are completely made in our workshop and delivered directly to your desired site.

Do you have a showroom where I can see a garden house?
Unfortunately, we do not. We are happy to provide photo examples.

What is the lead time on purchasing a garden house?
Lead times vary based on demand at the time. Please submit an inquiry here to find out our current lead time.

Garden Accessories & Other Products

When will I receive my order? 
Each accessory is made-to-order. Please allow 6-8 weeks for production plus a week for shipping. Visit our Shipping Information page for more information. 

Can I order a custom lantern/garden accessory?
Yes, please submit an inquiry here with your custom request. 

Do you offer additional finishes on the lanterns?
Our standard finishes are dark bronze and verdi green. We are able to vary the finish of the dark bronze to be slightly darker or lighter.

Do you sell any additional garden accessories?
Yes, we can sell window boxes, cupolas, finials, weathervanes, etc. Please submit an inquiry here with your custom request.