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I am so excited to present my collection of Garden Houses for you to discover!


Inspired by my own cherished Garden House, these designs combine the captivating styles of both America and Europe. In Europe, gardens are often adorned with magnificent garden follies, which not only enhance the beauty of the property but also serve practical purposes. It is this very essence that I aim to bring to your home and garden through my collection.

Each Garden House is handcrafted of fine woods, completely built and delivered to your site. For well over a decade, we have dedicated ourselves to enhancing our design expertise, refining our accessory options, and, above all, mastering the art of structural integrity. Great attention is paid to a well-finished product.

One of the highlights of Hillbrook is the ability to personalize your Garden House according to your preferences. We specialize in customization, so we can work with you to create a design that perfectly fits your needs and aesthetic preferences.

Time spent in my Garden House is always a pleasant and satisfying moment, and I know you will treasure it too.



Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I customize the size of my Garden House?
    Yes! We provide a range of sizes from 6’ x 6’ to 12’ x 20’. While we suggest certain proportions for optimal aesthetics, you have the flexibility to customize the size of any of our standard designs.
  • Can I customize the design of my Garden House?
    Yes! Each Garden House is fully customizable. Our customers usually begin with one of our standard designs and then collaborate with our designer to incorporate custom details, ensuring a unique creation.
  • Can you paint the Garden House?
    Yes, we can paint the Garden House according to your preferences. We typically use Benjamin Moore paints, but we are open to using any paint of your choice to best match your home or desired aesthetic.
  • What material do you use for the siding?
    For standard designs, we use German Style Eastern White Pine siding, also known as German Style lap siding. Alternatively, customers can opt for cedar board and batten or cedar shake siding for a different aesthetic. We offer these material choices to cater to various preferences and provide flexibility in achieving the desired look.
  • Can you finish and insulate the inside?
    Certainly! We offer the option to finish and insulate the interior of your Garden House according to your preferences. Our standard practice involves using shiplap siding, allowing you to choose between horizontal or vertical placement of the boards. This customization ensures that your Garden House not only has a beautiful exterior but also a comfortable and cozy interior.
  • Can you add electricity, heating/AC, and plumbing?
    We can provide electrical wiring for your Garden House. Additionally, most customers who opt for a finished and insulated Garden House choose to add a mini split for heating and cooling upon delivery. While we do not install plumbing fixtures, we can prepare the Garden House without a floor or subfloor in a specific area, allowing you to add plumbing at a later stage. For electrical installations, we utilize regular 12-gauge 20-amp wiring to ensure safe and reliable electrical connections.
  • What is the height of your Garden Houses?
    Our Garden Houses have a standard interior height of 10'4" and an exterior height of 11'3".
  • Where do you ship your Garden Houses?
    We are pleased to offer shipping services for our Garden Houses throughout the continental United States.
  • What is the cost of shipping a Garden House?
    The cost of shipping your Garden House will depend on your location and the number of other customer orders we can ship together on the same truckload. To obtain an estimated shipping cost, we kindly request you to get in touch with us.
  • What is the current lead time?
    The lead time for purchasing a Garden House can vary depending on the current level of demand. To obtain the most up-to-date information on our current lead time, we recommend contacting us through our website. Our team will promptly provide you with an estimated lead time for your specific order.
  • What do I need to do to prepare for the arrival of my Garden House?
    Prior to the arrival of your Garden House, it is important to ensure clear access to your site. Additionally, you should have a well-constructed and level pad ready. For the pad, we recommend adding an extra ½ inch on each side for a concrete pad or an extra 2 inches on each side for a gravel pad (e.g., a 9’1” x 14’1” concrete pad or a 9’4” x 14’4” gravel pad for a 9’ x 14’ garden house). Whether concrete or gravel, the pad should be 4" thick. Please note that Hillbrook Collections cannot be held liable for any damages incurred by placing the Garden House on an uneven pad.
  • What if my preferred site is difficult to access?
    To ensure a smooth delivery, we require an additional 2 feet of access space beyond the dimensions of your Garden House (e.g., 11 feet of access for a 9’ x 14’ Garden House). If this is not feasible, alternative arrangements such as craning the Garden House to your site can be made.
  • Do I need a permit for a Garden House?
    While most of our Garden Houses do not require a permit, it is advisable to check with your local county or city regarding their permit requirements. You can usually find this information online. Please bear in mind that our garden houses are considered "moveable structures" for research purposes.
  • Do you sell kits or plans for your Garden Houses?
    No, we do not offer kits or plans for sale. All of our Garden Houses are fully manufactured in our workshop and delivered directly to your desired location.
  • What if my preferred site location is on sloped or unlevel ground?
    It is possible to install a Garden House on sloped or unlevel ground with the help of a professional contractor or landscaper. They can build a level pad to ensure that the structure is properly supported and stable. It's worth noting that this is a common situation and can be easily addressed with the right expertise.
  • How can I ensure stability, especially in areas with extreme weather?
    To enhance the stability of the Garden House in areas with extreme weather, you have the option to reinforce the structure by inserting steel rods into the corners that securely anchor it to the pad. All our Garden House roofs are built to be hurricane-proof.
  • Where can I find pricing information?
    To access pricing information for our Garden Houses, please visit the pricing page of our website. There, you can request a catalog that provides details about pricing for all our designs, as well as pricing for various options you may be interested in. Once you submit your request, someone on our team will promptly respond with the requested catalog.
  • Do you offer discounts to the trade?
    At this time, we do not offer any discounts to the trade.
  • Will a Garden House increase the value of my home?
    In most cases, yes. Recent research conducted by Zillow indicates that homes with the added feature of a "she shed" tend to sell for approximately 2.5% more than comparable homes without such structures. This study, based on an analysis of 1.98 million homes, highlights the potential value enhancement associated with these additional spaces.
  • Is it cheaper to build a Garden House on site?
    Generally, Hillbrook's approach to building beautiful structures in a specialized off-site environment and delivering them to your property is known for its cost-effectiveness. Insights from industry professionals, including architects and contractors, indicate that this approach can result in substantial savings of up to 60% when compared to constructing similar structures directly on-site. Not to mention the convenience!
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