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Landscape Architects

Below are some outstanding landscape architects that incorporate Hillbrook into their work from time to time. They are a pleasure to work with and offer exceptional designs. I hope you consider using their talent to enhance your home!


Marcia Fryer

Richmond, VA

Marcia's portfolios reflect her ability to design a wide range of landscapes and architectural style. She has broad knowledge of construction and site engineering, with an emphasis on working with her clients to create the oasis of their dreams.

Glen's scope of work includes landscape architecture, garden design, land planning, and historic preservation. His projects range from intimately-detailed walled courtyard gardens to expansive plantation properties and sun-kissed seaside retreats.

Russell Combs

Richmond, VA

Russell works from concept to completion to create outdoor spaces that enhance the home and provide beautiful outdoor settings

Susan integrates classic design principles from concept to completion. Her projects are imbued with practical creativity, artisanal details, and extensive horticultural knowledge. The results are finished and finely furnished spaces that are uniquely responsive to their owner’s lifestyles, relevant and sensitive to the site, and environmentally responsible.